Installation and Setup

mOWL runs on Linux and MAC OS X systems. The library has not been tested on Windows and it could not work properly due to Java compatibility.

System requirements

  • JDK version 17

  • Python version 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11

  • Conda version >= 4.x.x

Python requirements

  • Gensim >= 4.x.x

  • PyTorch >= 1.12.x

  • PyKEEN >= 1.10.1

Install from source code

Before installing from source, make sure to meet the dependencies.

Installation can be done with the following commands:

git clone

cd mowl

conda env create -f envs/environment_3_8.yml
conda activate mowl


python install

Since mOWL needs to bind the Java Virtual Machine, the last line will generate the necessary .jar files.

Install from PyPi

pip install mowl-borg